HM-ZD1280A automatic high speed wipes folding machine (40-120 pieces/bag)

HM-ZD1280A automatic high speed wipes folding machine (40-120 pieces/bag)

Main parameters: 

 1.     Voltage: three-phase 380V 50HZ 

 2.     功率:9.5KW 

 3.     Production speed: 2400-4800 pieces/min 

 4.     Raw material specification (mm) : (1500) X¢1000 (width X diameter) 

 5.     Expansion dimensions (mm):(120-210)X(160-220) (L X W) 

 6.     Folding size (mm):(120-210)X(90-110) (L X W) 

 7.     Folding mode: "Z" folding (without drawing) 

 8.     Product Type: Disinfectant wipes Makeup wipes Cleaning wipes 

 9.     Applicable material: spiny cloth 

 10.   Material weight: 40-80g/m2 

 11.   Machine size (mm) : 6800X4000X2100 (L X W X H) 

 12.   Stainless steel mixing tank: 400L 

 13.   Machine weight: 4.8吨   

 Performance description: 

 1.     Scientific design, compact structure, easy operation and maintenance 

 2.     Spunlaced non-woven fabric humidifier: single spray type and second concentrated spray type 

 3.     Liquid feeding system: including mixing device, adding water device, independent return water device, the amount of water can be adjusted 

 4.     Raw material cutting system: adjustable length, servo drive, directly adjust the cloth length on the touch screen 

 5.     Photoelectric detection can automatically stop without cloth 

 6.     Main electrical: Japan Mitsubishi 

 7.     Safety protection: emergency stop system, component protective cover, plexiglass protective door 

 8.     PLC control system, monitoring system 

 9.     Electrical control system: PLC system, man-machine interface, control circuit, power circuit and other auxiliary control